Thursday, 26 May 2016

May'16 Wishlist

Hey lovelies! Hope you're having a great week!

Sooooo it's that time of the month, not literally 'that time of the month', but that time of the month where i've been paid - payday! I am one super duper happy girl! I've always got my eyes on lots of products, clothes and accessories i want to get my hands on, so today i thought i would share with you what is on my current wishlist! Be warned it is quite a big one though...enjoyyyyy...

Let me know what is on your wishlist this month as i would love to hear! Take care lovelies and i will see you real soon :)

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Outfit: MOM Jeans In The Sun

Hey lovelies! What a beautiful evening it is tonight! I hope you're all having a fab week.

On Sunday just gone the sun came out and it hit the high 20's! It made me super excited for Summer and now all i wanna do is buy lots of new clothes and bikinis and go on a holi-bob somewhere scorching! (basically just need an excuse to spend money) It was absolutely delightful, i wish it could be that glorious more often! The world just seems a much prettier and nicer place when the sun is shining! I had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, went on a lovely 2 and a half hour walk with my mumma around where we live and then had a huge roast (struggling to detach from our Winter habit of having a roast on Sunday) and cake for dinner. What did you get up to on the weekend? Let me know!

What i am wearing:
Jeans - Topshop
Body - Topshop
Trainers - Nike
Watch - Michael Kors
Choker - Ebay
Necklace - Tiffany & Co

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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Love Your Small Boobs

Hey lovelies! Lets talk about boobs. Small boobs. In this post i've got a little bit of background about my boobs, tips for buying underwear and reasons why you should love your small boobs! 

I understand that having small boobs can make you feel unwomanly but it shouldn't and doesn't make you any less feminine. Who said women with a small bust couldn't feel sexy and confident? 

I have small boobs. I would be lying if i said it hadn't ever made me feel down and embarrassed before. I've joked with my mum on numerous occasions asking why she didn't bless me with bigger boobs and that i look like a 7 year old boy. I'm tall, slim, have no curves, don't have much of a bum and certainly don't really have much bust either. But when i think about it i am actually in good proportion. 

When it came to buying underwear for myself i always went for the super padded, push up, gel bras. They were so incredibly uncomfortable and i would never feel confident or good about myself in them. They were totally unflattering and quite frankly so big for me that they would rise up over my boob and i would have to pull it back down, or i would have such a big over hang where i didn't fill out my bra that my top would sink into it. If anything, these bras would make me look even more 'flat-chested' and i would rarely look at myself in the mirror and love what i saw. 

I've recently cleared out all of my old bras and swapped in a completely different style of underwear - out with the old and in with the new. I've stopped going for proper bra sizes and started going for my clothing size instead. I just find they fit me a heck of a lot better this way and are so much more comfortable. I've stopped trying to find bras with lots of padding and push-up properties as i just don't need it and it doesn't suit me. I've found that the more of my skin i show, the bigger my bust looks. For example, i've been really enjoying triangle bras as they are low cut and show off my chest and neck. Below i've linked some of the bras i've been opting for from my two favourite places  - Topshop and Urban Outfitters (as always the images are linked):


Tips for underwear shopping with small boobs:
1. Try buying bras/bralets in your clothing size rather than bra size
2. Opt for bras that either have a small amount of padding or no padding at all
3. Try and get bras that have no under wire - us small boobed girls don't need the support of it and it is so much more comfortable
4. Opt for bras/bralets that show off a lot of skin as it will flatter your bust - for example triangle bras
5. Patterns and detailed bras such as ones with bows or frills, will help give the illusion of bigger boobs 
6. Opting for lighter coloured bras/bralets will also give the illusion of fuller boobs (although i just can't get away from black and navy!!!) - darker colours slim things down

I really have had a complete change of mind when it comes to my boobs. I bloomin' love them and feel incredibly lucky. Thank you for taking your time to read this post. I hope it has given you a little guidance if you needed it and i hope that if you didn't love your small boobs before reading this, you love them now. 

15 reasons why small boobs absolutely rock:
1. You can sleep on your front comfortably
2. Having a flat chest keeps you looking younger 
3. Our boobs won't sag as we get older
4. We can pretty much wear whatever we like - low cut tops, button down tops, high neck tops, cami's, strapless tops, v-neck tops, crop tops...
5. Our boobs don't weigh us down causing back pain
6. We can go bra-less if we fancied and no one would even notice
7. We can jump down the stairs
8. We can wear a seat belt comfortably
9. Swimsuit/Bikini shopping isn't a hassle because we can get away with anything
10. We don't have to endure unwanted attention from men as there is nothing to see
11. If a guy is interested in us it's because of qualities other than our boobs
12. We don't lose food in them - it goes straight to the floor
13. We can see our feet
14. We can dance the night away throwing all sorts of moves
15. We can run for that darn bus!!!

We spend so much time criticizing, hating and being harsh on our bodies when really we should love what we have. I don't want to enhance my boobs anymore, i want to love what i've got. 

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